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Forget the friction that often comes with traditional channels. Ongo In-Car Tablet Advertising is designed to supplement your existing efforts, enhancing the effectiveness of your campaigns.

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Reach a Captive audience with ONGO In Car Ads in the Philippines

Are you looking for a new way to reach your target audience? Then look no further than ONGO In Car Ads. Our innovative product puts your ad right in front of passengers while they are stuck in traffic.

Utilize traffic to your advantage by getting people to notice your brand. With our service, you can be sure that your message will be seen by thousands of people daily in the Philippines. Convert our passengers to become your leads, store visitors, or website traffic!

ONGO Car Ad Tablet Model

Ongo Tablet Anatomy

ONGO tablet is a form of car advertising placed behind the driver seat headrest, facing directly at the passengers. ONGO car ads tablet includes three ad models: Main Ads spot, Side Tower Ads Spot, and Banner Ads Spot. You also can include a QR code in your ads for your target consumers to scan and bring leads to your website.

What is ONGO In Car Ads?

ONGO In Car Ads is an interactive ad tablet installed behind TNVS/ride hailing app driver’s seats and oriented to face the passengers. With our help, your company puts your brand in front of consumers. Every day in Metro Manila, Philippines, and nearby provinces, our drivers will pick up a passenger that will remember your brand through our advertisements.

ONGO In Car Ads 20 minutes to 1 Hour!

Main Ads Spot

The Main Ads Spot will occupy the majority of the available ad space on the tablet. The ads will be in the middle of the screen, and the advertisement will play for 30 seconds. This spot is ideal for advertisement that requires high visibility.

Side Tower Ads Spot

Side Tower Ads Spot is smaller than the main ads spot. There will be rotating flash ads every 30 seconds. The Side Ads Spot will be an excellent option for promoting your business. In addition, side tower Ads spots will leave more opportunities for the adverts to capture consumers' attention.

Banner Ads Spot

Banner Ads Spot The ad will be played at the bottom of the screen. In addition, a static picture will be featured in a rotating sequence on the Banner Ads Spot throughout. The Banner Ads Spot is an excellent option for a company that wants to generate awareness by making consumers interested in the products or services they sell.

Why Advertise with ONGO In Car Ads?

Motion Sensor TechnologyMotion Sensor Technology

When advertising with our motion sensor tablet, you're guaranteed Real Impressions from Real People. In addition, our smart tablet will only display ads when passengers are in the car, so your brand will indeed be seen—ensuring maximum exposure for advertisers!

Geofencing AdvertisingGeo-fencing Advertising

With car advertising, you can target ads to specific locations, which is perfect for businesses that only want to target a particular area or market. Then, PINPOINT your PROMOTIONS at your selected locations to boost your location-specific campaigns.

Cloud Based SystemCloud-based System

Our car advertising is cloud-based; make changes on the fly to ensure your campaign is always running at its best: NO DELAYS, LESS DOWNTIME, and VALUE FOR MONEY. Watch your ads material being uploaded within minutes!

Captive AudienceCaptive Audience

What better way to reach your target audience than when they are stuck in traffic and have nowhere to go? ONGO In Car Ads ensures that your ad is played in front of passengers for an average of 20 mins to 1 hour every trip! So you can be sure that your message will be SEEN and HEARD.

Orderly FeatureOrderly Feature Technology

Private and enclosed space keeps their focus on your campaigns. 97% of passengers interact with at least one of the advertisements during their ride.

Features of ONGO In Car Ads
Enclosed SpacerEnclosed Spacer

Capture your target audience without any distractions. Let your brand be seen and heard in consumers' comfort zone.

Market ReachMarket Reach

OOH has the 2nd highest market penetration next to free TV - CMV Basic. So put your trust into promoting your brand with us and reach up to 1 million daily impressions across 60+ locations in the Philippines.

Higher Recall RateHigher Recall Rate

Get a higher recall rate from buyers. For example, 76% of all TNVS advert viewers engage in actions after seeing your brand advert on the tablet.

Measure Your Ad Performance With Our Live Dashboard
Data is KingDATA IS KING

Especially if you can get your data and metrics in REAL-TIME. Your data is valuable, but it can be even more powerful when you have access to real-time insights into your adverts campaigns. We provide a platform where our clients see their metrics easily and intuitively. With us, you can see your data via our real-time back-end system.

Audience ProfileAudience Profile

• Commuting for work and leisure purposes.

• Working individuals during peak hours.

• Captive audience with long dwell time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. With the help of our analytic data technology, you can monitor your marketing campaign performance in real-time. So be rest assured with your analytics because we value our AUTHENTIC Viewership.

The minimum commitment period for the car advertising campaign is minimum 30 days.

The area covered is within Metro Manila and nearby provinces in the Philippines. Click here to see our live map.

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