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Do you know a great way to get people into your store? Geofencing ads! Geofencing Ads are also known as Geofencing marketing, which is an innovative way to reach your target audience in brand-new ways with targeted messages! As it works with 92 percent of smart devices. Therefore, Ongo Smart Advertising has geofencing advertising feature for your campaign.



Geotargeting is a powerful tool which shows ads based upon a user's exact location. Targeting principles are commonly used in context advertising networks, in social networks. Advertisers may choose specific locations, towns or cities on the map and even places to advertise. Geo targeting combined with other user characteristics helps to find and exclude irrelevant audiences.

How do Geofencing Works?

Location-Based Targeting

Advertisers make a list of targeted addresses and reach customers that are tied to these areas. These geolocation technologies will help the message to spread around universities, business zones, shopping malls - you name it! Even only the specific place you want.

Recall Rate
Personalized Messages

The GPS, Bluetooth, and RFID systems always look for potential customers. When they pass by your location, it sends them relevant messages and records their passing so you can follow up later with an email or phone call!

High Value
Multiple Devices

Geo-targeting and spreading ads across all available devices: smartphones, laptops, and TV sets, can be a great way to reach your audience. You could use this as part of an overall marketing strategy or on its own!

Five Major Advantages of Geofencing Marketing

Recall Rate
Increased Local Sales & Local Marketing

That's right! Geofencing ads are a great way to increase your local sales and marketing. Set up some boxes around the specific area you want to reach more local customers. You can use geofencing to promote special offers or events near their business location, boosting conversion rates.

Recall Rate
Boost Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is the key to success in any business, and Geofencing advertising has been proven repeatedly as one of those tricks that work!

High Value
Personalized Customer Experience

The system tracks users and their movement throughout the day. It then delivers targeted ads to them when they are in proximity of certain retailer's locations or at specific times during those days - which could make for some interesting marketing strategies!

Captive Audience
Improve Customer Analysis

With this form of digital marketing, you can better analyze customer behaviors and patterns as they occur in real time, which will ultimately lead to an increased conversion rate for any campaign on social media platforms such as Facebook Ads Manager, etc., not to mention it also has proven results when applied successfully across different industries over past few years!

ROI Measuring
Competitive Advantage

Geofencing advertising can have a competitive advantage by allowing you to be seen at specific moments. For example, if your business targets customers with an event or sale, this strategy will help them reach people who may not otherwise see their ad during those times and increase sales!

Geofencing Statistics

It's compatible with 92% of smartphones.
Consumers spend an average of 5 hours per day using their phones!
71% of customers would rather have one tailored specifically to them.
53% of shoppers visited a retailer after receiving a location-based message
Messages sent to customers as they near a particular site are remarkably effective, with 75% of recipients taking some action.

Who Can Benefit From This Technology?

Digital Technologies

Digital advertisers
Event planners
Social network marketers

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Frequently Ask Questions

How will Implementing Geofencing Ads help you?

You don't want to geofence too large, or it will lose effectiveness. Retake the Sephora example - if a young woman was 30 miles away from her local store instead of 5-10 minutes as is typically seen in bustling cities like Manila City, where people can easily walk there on any given day, then chances are low that she'd be keen enough to travel this distance just for a free lipstick!

This should be a given, but it’s worth noting: You’ll want to have a clear call to action that requires immediate action. The reason geofencing is so effective is that you’re targeting folks in your demographic area—so give them a clear and immediate reason to walk through your front doors.

To maximize your marketing ROI, don’t just utilize one strategy! Instead, mix geofencing with content creation and other strategies like remarketing or search engine advertising to reach multiple audiences.

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