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Forget the friction that often comes with traditional channels. Ongo In-Car Tablet Advertising is designed to supplement your existing efforts, enhancing the effectiveness of your campaigns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We can do special execution.

Yes, it's possible. Contact us to learn more for this feature

Yes! You can choose the time of your airing.

No! The ONGO tablet has no switch because it is directly installed on the battery of the car.

Yes! With our unique technology, we can track how many impressions are gathered daily, weekly, and monthly.

If the given guaranteed impression did not meet, we will carry on depending on how many impressions remain.

Yes! One of our unique technology is authentic viewership which means, real people, real impressions.

Yes! 30% of the total volume, but it can be manually adjusted by the passenger.

No! the touch screen of the tablet was disabled.

Yes! We recommend our clients to put QR code that the passenger can scan that will lead to a landing page.
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