Best Advertisement Example of Successful Campaign In The Philippines 2023

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Discover & Uncover the hot reasons behind the top advertisement examples of successful campaigns in the Philippines 2023 - and learn how to replicate their success in the marketing world. Gain insight into the advantages and disadvantages of tactics employed by various brands - to help your business learn what works best for you. Harness the power of effective advertisements, and apply these new methods to ensure success for your own marketing efforts.

Advertisement Examples in The Philippines

1. Smart Advertising

OnGo Smart Ad

OnGo In Car Adsare an innovative, creative and engaging way to reach potential customers on-the-go. These ads are displayed on tablet screens installed in ride-sharing vehicles. It is an innovative way for brands to reach customers in a unique, fun and engaging way.

This unique form of advertising allows companies to engage with potential customers in a memorable, relevant and interactive manner throughOnGo interactive video tablet ads.

Ongo Smart Tablet
Through this technology, advertisements can be watched directly from the passenger's seat making the ads hard to miss or ignore.

The effectiveness of OnGo Smart Ads can be seen in a number of successful case studies in the country and major cities like Metro Manilla. Python Tech saw great success when they used OnGo's smart communications services to promote their latest products.


- Reach a captive audience, viewers already in a receptive state of mind as they are commuting.
- Many potential customers in one location at once through geofencing technology.


- Viewers may become annoyed with the ad if they are too intrusive or repetitive.

2. Offline Marketing

Billboards- Netflix Philippines' Trese Campaign

Billboards are a classic form of advertising that still have the power to capture attention and engage audiences. To be effective, billboards need to have bold, eye-catching visuals and concise messaging that is easy to understand at a glance.

Billboards are an effective way for brands to capture attention in the middle of a highly populated city and offer information about their products or services in an engaging way. It may generate buzz and word-of-mouth if done well.

Billboard Trese Campaign

Netflix Philippines' Trese campaign has succeeded in engaging viewers with its billboard ads. The ads feature minimalist designs that feature bold words, vibrant colors and captivating visuals, drawing the attention of passersby.

Additionally, each billboard contains an interactive component that encourages viewers to watch and engage with the ad, deepening their connection with the brand. This combined approach of visually appealing designs and interactive elements has proven successful for Netflix Philippines' Trese campaign.


- Potential to reach a large number of people on the road.


- Limitation for more information points about the products or services.
- It may not be effective if placed in the wrong position.

3. Tv Commercials

Tv Filipino Commercials - "Sikip"

TV commercials have been a popular form of advertising for decades and continue to be a viable option for commercials in the Philippines. TV ad campaigns allow for brands to reach a wide audience at low cost compared to other mediums like billboards or radio.

Furthermore, it allows for more creative opportunities than radio or online campaigns do due to its larger format and sound capabilities.

The TV Filipino commercials "Sikip" from the Philippines have been extremely successful in engaging viewers.

Tv Commercial Sikip

It features a catchy tune, a story, relatable characters and delightful animation that all come together to create an entertaining and memorable advertisement.

The ad also manages to communicate its message quickly and effectively, making it more likely to be remembered by viewers. Through its humorous narrative and use of familiar language, the commercial appeals to the emotions of the Filipino audience, further contributing to its commercial success.


- May reach a wide audience


- Tv commercials can be expensive to produce and air.
- Lack of targeting capabilities, you could still potentially be wasting your ad budget on irrelevant viewers.

4. Publicity Stunt

KitKat’s benches

A publicity stunt is a type of marketing strategy that creates a buzz or generates media attention through a provocative or unusual event or activity. Publicity stunts are attention-grabbing events created by companies in order to generate attention for the brand.

These stunts can range from live events to product demonstrations, but all aim for maximum visibility within a short period of time. The advantage of a publicity stunt is that it can also create a positive brand image and generate brand awareness.

Kitkat Benches

KitKat Philippines' slogan, "Have a break, have a KitKat," is highly recognizable throughout the world. This makes it an effective part of their advertising strategy in the Philippines, as people can easily identify with it.

In order to further promote the link between this idea and their product, KitKat Philippines placed 500 benches around cities in the Philippines resembling their product.

The clever placement of these benches at key locations such as parks and shopping centers has been successful in reinforcing the company's message.


- Potential to reach a large number of people on the road.


- Limitation for more information points about the products or services.
- It may not be effective if placed in the wrong position.

5. Paid Targeted Ads

FB Ad- Air Asia Philippines

Paid targeted ads are a type of digital advertising that uses data to target specific demographics or interests, allowing businesses to reach their desired customer base more efficiently.

Platforms such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads provide brands with the opportunity to manage complex campaigns in an organized manner, access a wide range of targeting options, and track progress in real-time.

With these platforms, you can select the age, gender, interests and location of your desired audience so that you can reach them more effectively. You also have the ability to make adjustments, if necessary, to improve the deliverability of your campaigns.

Air Asia Philippines

Air Asia PH has been extremely successful in reaching its target audience with highly targeted ads that are crafted with data-driven insights.

They have also made use of retargeting strategies and strategically placed search ads to keep them top-of-mind for potential customers, leading to significant growth and success.

By using a combination of these tactics, they have been able to effectively reach their target audience as well as optimize campaigns for improved deliverability.


- Ability to customize and target by demographics, interests, location, intend for, and etc.
- Real-time tracking and adjustment capabilities even after launch.


- Privacy concerns related to gathering user data

6. Video Ad

YouTube- Allianz | No filter

Video marketing is a powerful tool for brands to engage with their target audience and drive engagement. Through creative video content, it is possible to capture people's attention and evoke emotion.

From emotional stories that create a lasting impression to humorous content and storytelling that evokes laughter, there are many ways to communicate a message effectively through video.

Allianz No Filter

One great example of this is the YouTube-Allianz | No Filter campaign in the Philippines. Their storytelling video is being used to raise awareness about environmental sustainability and green living. In the video, they are making a huge statement - that filters can't change life or reality.

This powerful message encourages people to take action, and challenges viewers to think deeply about their own impact on the environment.


- Video are a more versatile medium - videos can be reused and posted in multiple formats and platforms to reach wider audiences.
- Increased engagement, videos can capture people's attention more easily and evoke emotions that drive action.


- Time-consuming as creating a high-quality video takes significant time, planning and resources.

7. Influencer Marketing

Social Media Influencers

Influencer marketing in the Philippines is a powerful tool for companies looking to reach certain target markets. Fun fact: More than half of Filipino internet users follow influencers on social media, and this number is projected to grow by 19% in 2022.

Influencer marketing in the Philippines is a form of social media promotion that involves enlisting the help of content creators, opinion leaders, and influencers to spread awareness of specific products and services.

This tactic harnesses the reach of these figures and allows businesses to target specific audiences and create conversations around their product or service through incentives.

A successful campaign will ultimately lead to increased brand recognition, higher sales, and overall desired business objectives. Common products that use influencer marketing include beauty and fashion products, health-related items, electronics, travel services, and even food.

Influencers are often sought after for their ability to reach a large audience with their unique voices and content. Brands can capitalize on this by leveraging influencers to create campaigns that not only reach a large audience but can also resonate with them in meaningful ways.

Additionally, people may trust an influencer's talk more than brands because they can relate to the influencer's life on a personal level and believe that what they are seeing is an unbiased representation of a product or service. This makes it easier for them to make informed decisions when it comes to their purchase decisions.


- Increase in sales, awareness and overall desired business objectives.


- Risk of influencer creating a bad reputation for the brand.


Companies should take a look at the advertisement examples in the Philippines that have been successful in order to better plan their own marketing campaigns.

By understanding how different advertising methods work, and the pros and cons associated with each method, companies can make an informed decision on which one will be most effective for their particular budget and needs.

Ultimately, it's important to choose a method that reflects the company's objectives in order to maximize the chances of success for their advertising campaign.

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