Top Brands Using Out-Of-Home Advertising
People are using inventive Out of Home advertising efforts to capture the attention of consumers, from the largest firms to the smallest businesses. When placed in high-traffic areas, out-of-home advertising continues to reach a large number of potential customers and is well recognized.
The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) surveyed people's reactions to out-of-home advertising and found that 70% of those polled believe out-of-home advertising is very or somewhat likely to influence a purchase. After five exposures, 58% of respondents indicated they would search the web as a direct result of seeing an ad, and 82% said they would search the web as a direct result of seeing an Out-of-Home commercial. Because of technological improvements, out-of-home/outdoor advertising is changing. The distance between a company's internet platform and its outdoor advertising can be easily bridged with technology. Out-of-Home advertising is used by even IT companies and digitally native brands. A 2017 study reported in ad week even shows that 25% of the top 100 spenders in OOH advertising are tech companies. ( McDonald's, Apple, Geico, American Express, Google, Amazon, Coca-Cola, HBO, Verizon, Chevrolet, Netflix, Warner Bros Pictures, Sprint, State Farm, AT&T, Metro PCS, Samsung, Disney, Toyota, and Comcast were among the top 20 firms using Out of Home advertising in 2017. ( Each of these companies has carefully developed an integrated marketing strategy that encompasses both OOH and other media channels over time. OOH, advertising has shown to be the strategic component that drives overall brand perception. According to studies, Out of Home improves the reach of other media by a factor of 40 percent for search and 14 percent for print. Furthermore, we notice that when budgets are increased, OOH ROI constantly grows, as opposed to the significant diminishing returns seen with other media. (OAAA, OOH ROI, and Media Mix Optimization, 2018) These companies have regularly used outdoor advertising as a key component of their marketing strategies. It fulfills their basic need to connect with their customers. Because it lives among us, out-of-home media can precisely target and engage viewers. It crosses our paths daily, regardless of our demographics, interests, or purchasing habits. The significance of OOH advertising has been recognized by some of the most well-known digital firms that have led the charge into the digital and online age. By amplifying and reinforcing cross-channel messaging, out-of-home advertising can be a powerful support medium. As a result, the messaging has a bigger impact on the viewer and a higher recall rate. Where other mediums may have fallen short, OOH creates concrete messages. When compared to TV, radio, online, and print, OOH is one of the most cost-effective mediums. It continues to provide thorough impression, demographic, and mobile data layers measurement while avoiding the exorbitant expenses that plague its more techno-centric media competitors. It's also the only medium that shows increasing ROI as ad expenditure rises, whereas the others show falling returns as ad spending rises.
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