Out-of-Home Advertising Tactics to Reach B2B Audiences
Out-of-home (OOH) advertising is often associated with billboards and street furniture. Although those are viable ad formats, out-of-home advertising provides a wealth of other options and creative possibilities. The medium's capabilities are far more than most marketers understand. B2B advertisers, in particular, would be wise to tap into OOH's creative solutions and think outside the box as they plan their OOH ads.
1. Focus on place-based ads Some people wrongly believe that OOH is only used outside. But there's a reason it's called out-of-home rather than outdoor. OOH refers to both indoor and outdoor locations that people may encounter while going about their daily lives. Advertisements in office elevators, vending machines, and other such areas should be considered by B2B advertisers. This assists in establishing a brand presence in your target audiences' actual offices as well as integrating yourself into daily routines in places where they spend a lot of time. 2. Become part of the commute Most office workers have a daily driving pattern or commute, and it's simple to locate popular routes in your target market that see a lot of traffic. B2B advertisers can ensure that their brand is seen by their target audience members on their way to and from work by purchasing OOH ads along those regular routes. 3. Keep QR codes in mind QR codes, like other marketing methods, had their day in the spotlight a few years ago, when it seemed like every brand was using them at every opportunity. Then they vanished from many people's consciousness, only to reap reappearance when the epidemic struck and many restaurants and other businesses began to use them again. QR codes have recently been used as a touchless way for customers to obtain information, such as the contents of a menu. Although the menu example is for B2C businesses, QR codes can be useful for B2B businesses as well. They are still a very efficient way to get ad viewers to interact with your ad and your company. Touchless and bring-your-own-device tendencies are predicted to continue even after the outbreak. 4. Target events and tradeshows Buying ads near events and tradeshows where your target audience is expected to go is another excellent strategy for reaching B2B audiences. For example, you can employ transit billboards to attract participants by driving your ad around event hotspots and surrounding offices before and after conference hours. 5. Use retargeting Retargeting, in conjunction with marketing automation, is critical for providing the highly relevant customer experience that B2B buyers demand. It's a terrific approach to successfully managing your ad spend. It opens us new creative chances to create and strengthen consumer relationships when used imaginatively. 6. Measure results Regardless, of how advertising is used, the main objective of advertising is to make people recognize a certain product or business. Measuring the response and income from your advertising campaigns is critical, for you to know which ads are working and which are not. Source: https://www.marketingprofs.com/articles/2022/46606/six-out-of-home-advertising-tactics-to-reach-b2b-audiences
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