OOH Generates Strong Recall
Advertisers are more focused on ROI than ever before in today's highly competitive ad market. The ad landscape becomes much more complicated when you consider the growing levels of audience segmentation across various media channels. It's no surprise, then, that OOH, with its vast reach, has received high marks in two recent studies on ad effectiveness.
Advertising recall is a metric for determining advertising performance and return on investment. The study below was conducted by Peter J. Solomon (PJSC) on the five key advertising channels: OOH, TV, radio, online, and print. Ad recall study respondents are exposed to an advertisement and then, at a later point in time, asked if they remembered the advertisement on an aided or unaided basis. Ranges shift depending on the parameters of each study (e.g., aided vs. unaided recall basis, length of time for a recall, and sample size/nature and scope). The PJSC study indicates the benefit that OOH advertising can provide for brands, with the highest range of recall of all the channels analyzed at 67 percent. Consumers spend 70% of their waking hours in places where OOH is present. OOH is not a content-based ad channel, so ads are not inserted among other programming or news content vying for consumers’ attention. OOH doesn’t need to be turned on or opened, and it can’t be delayed, skipped or ad blocked. Advertising Benchmark Index (ABX) is a global research firm that has been conducting online advertising research for over 15 years and has conducted over 8 million interviews in over 30 countries. ABX's ad effectiveness research is based on over 100K ads across all media types in their active database (2014-2017). Ads across various media channels are displayed to ABX consumer panelists, who are subsequently answered several online questions, including how easily the brand is identified inside the media channels. The ability of the respondent to link the ad to the brand is measured by brand linkage, and as seen in the graph below, OOH surpasses all media formats except free-standing inserts. Because it delivers authentic, impactful, and effective advertising in inventive ways to help advertisers take their message further, OOH is today's fastest-growing traditional media channel. Source: https://oaaa.org/StayConnected/OAAAOutlookNewsletter/tabid/867/id/4872/Default.aspx
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