OnGo Year-End Grand Draw
OnGo Smart Advertising has prepared a thanksgiving event via FB live for all our drivers throughout ONGO's journey in being a data-driven Digital OOH Advertising Platform.
ONGO SMART ADVERTISING is an industry disruptor to traditional Out-of-Home adverts, thus reaching new levels of mobility and impressions that deliver valuable fraud-resistant advertising that helps brands penetrate the desired target markets and audiences. ONGO is in partnership with different TNVS organizations of drivers and operators. Our drivers have their passengers’ safety and comfort as their top priority. As a way of saying thank you for their hard work and trust with us, ONGO held a YEAR-END GRAND DRAW for all partner drivers who use the ONGO Customized Tablet last December 29, 2021, via Facebook Live streaming. RAFFLE PRIZES AND WINNERS 15 Winners of E-Fuel Cards (300) 10 Winners of E-Fuel Cards (600) 10 Winners of E-Fuel Cards (900) 10 Winners of ONGO Merchandise (T-Shirt) 10 Winners of ONGO Merchandise (Jacket) 10 Winners of Groceries 1 Winner of Air Fryer 1 Winner of Microwave Ovens 1 Winner of P3, 000 worth of Groceries 5 Winners of Cherry Mobile Tablets 1 Winner of Huawei Smartphone 1 Winner of Television Congratulations to all the YEAR-END GRAND DRAW 2021 winners! You are the heart of this company. Thank you for your dedication, passion, and hard work. We value your feedback and we love having you as a customer. Your opinion helps us to continuously improve our products, services, and experiences for you. #ONGOSmartAdvertising #YearEndGrandDraw
Djon Amoc
Shane LimbagaMarketing InternShane LimbagaDjon AmocShane Limbaga
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